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Sponsor A Stray Of Our Rescue Center

Running an Animal Rescue Center takes more than love, cuddles and kisses. It also takes a lot of money. 

Each rescued animal has costs associated on a monthly basis. 

Your monthly sponsorship of a dog or cat that is living for longterm care at our Rescue Center will be used to provide food, shelter, medication, cleaning, veterinary assistance and fencing. 

You can choose the monthly contribution that you would like to make to care of the well-being of the dogs and cats in our Animal Rescue Center.

When you sponsor a dog or cat of our Animal Rescue Center you will receive regular updates throughout the year on the animal you are sponsoring. 

As an acknowledgement, we will also place a note “Sponsored by …" with your name on the dogs profile at our webpage.

In the event that your sponsored dog is adopted, your remaining sponsorship would go to another dog who is equally deserving and in need. 

Sponsorship does often not cover the full cost of caring for the animals. With this in mind we allow the animals to be sponsored by more than one sponsor.

Please have a look at our animals below. All of them are living at our Rescue Center on Koh Lipe.


Your gift will means everything to a dog or cat in need!



Sponsor Brownie

*He has no sponsor yet


Sponsor Deng

*He has no sponsor yet


Sponsor Ollie

*Partly sponsored by H. Portnoff


Sponsor Charlie

*Partly sponsored

by E. Spilker & C. Breuer


Sponsor Dexter

*He has no sponsor yet


Sponsor Oscar

*He has no sponsor yet


Sponsor Max

*Partly sponsored by A. Paschek


Sponsor Sunshine

*Partly sponsored by K. Oberholzer & S. Schneebeli


Sponsor Baba

*He has no sponsor yet


Sponsor Khao

*Partly sponsored by A&Z. Conway


Sponsor Happy

*Partly sponsored by A. Paschek &

& J. Ethel & A. Kampstra


Sponsor Jack

*Partly sponsored by K. Oberholzer & S. Schneebeli

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