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 Sponsor Charlie 


Hi, my name is Charlie


I was suffering from TVT (transmissible venereal tumor) and in incredible pain when the HalfwayHouse 4 Paws team found me four years ago.

The tumor on my front leg was huge and I was in a very poor general condition.


They brought me immediately to a clinic on the mainland for the needed medical care.

I was hospitalized for several months and my leg had to be amputated because the tumor was not responding to the chemotherapy.


Today I am a happy boy and my disability doesn’t bother me at all.


I was very lucky to survive, and it was only possible because there were people like you who cared and donated for my medical treatments.


Life on the street wouldn't be manageable for me though, being already approx. 11 years old and having only three legs this would simply be to hard for me.

Therefore I am so happy that I have a place to stay at the Animal Rescue Center on Koh Lipe.

I love my care takers so much and I receive not only lots of love and attention but also food and medical care.

Most likely I will spend the rest of my senior life here since there are not many people who want to adopt a disabled dog.

The project Help4Strays is so important for homeless dogs like me. Without it many of us would suffer incredibly.


But my two-legged friends here need desperately people who support their project with donations because love and compassion alone will not provide for our needs.

Medical care, food and shelter provided for so many of us is very expensive.


I really wish to find someone who helps by becoming my sponsor.


Will you be this angel for me?

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