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Our Animal Rescue Center On Koh Lipe

We are so happy that, thanks to the Sunflower Lipe Guesthouse and our supporters who helped with donations, our vision finally came true in June 2019.

The Sunflower Lipe Guesthouse supports our Help 4 Strays project sustainable and on a long term base financially with part of the profit and by providing the needed land and room to run our Animal Rescue Center. This is simply amazing!

This not only helps us to reduce the monthly costs for transports and long-term care but also enables us to help more strays in need in a more efficient way.

What is the Help 4 Strays Rescue Center?

The Help 4 Strays Rescue Center is a temporary or permanent home for ill, injured and orphaned cats and dogs. Our Rescue Center provides medical care, sterilizations, rehabilitation, round-the-clock care and comfort to strays that would otherwise be unable to survive on the streets.

To provide the best possible care for ill or insured Cats and Dogs we work closely with professional veterinarians, caregivers and a hard-working team of staff and volunteers.  

When they are healed and healthy, most animals are reintroduced to the areas where they used to live before they got ill or injured while we try to find loving homes for those strays that are in our long-term care and unable to cope well with the life on the streets i.e. because of age or disabilities. 

In addition in the future, our Rescue Center will provide educational services to the residents and visitors of Koh Lipe.

Our strays in need deserve this stable place where we can provide all the care they need in an environment that understands their unique needs.

Running an Animal Rescue Center and our feeding, spay / neuter  and medical care programs takes more than love, cuddles and kisses. It also takes a lot of money.


We have costs associated for medicines, food, veterinaries, animal care takers, land rent, electricity, water and maintenance of in average THB 160'000.- (approx. EUR 4550.- depending on the exchange rate) on a monthly base.

We don't receive any governemental funding and therefor rely on donations.

Please help us to continue our work for these animals who have no other place to turn to. 

Are you one of the heroes who will help us with a donation?

Or can you provide us with one of the so much needed items from our wish list

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