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Our mission is to sustainably improve the lives of the strays and prevent them from suffering and dying from overpopulation and preventable diseases.

For us, sustainable animal welfare also means that we clearly distance ourselves from mass adoptions to abroad.


Mass adoptions won't solve the local problems but merely shift and create additional problems.


We are not against adoptions but we strongly believe that it is important to look at every case individually.

When it comes to adoptions the well-being of the animal should be in the focus. Adoptions should never be selfish motivated.

There are certainly dogs that benefit from a home but far not every dog that is used to live a life in freedom will adapt well to a completely different environment and different living conditions.


Also please keep in mind that there are dogs on Koh Lipe that are owned or that have locals who are taking care of them by feeding them or providing a place to sleep for them. 


In order to show respect to the local community this always needs to be checked before you can adopt a dog or cat.

Our goal is primarily to find a loving home for those strays who are in our long-term care and unable to return to the streets. 


However if you have visited Koh Lipe and are interested in adopting a specific dog we will gladly help you to evaluate the situation and guide you to the process.

Please read here more about the adoption process and costs. | halfwayhouse 4 paws | dog koh lipe | animal care lipe
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