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Sponsor Deng


​Hi, my name is Deng


I was suffering from TVT (transmissible venereal tumor) and infected with heart worm when the HalfwayHouse 4 Paws team brought me to a clinic on the mainland for treatment two years ago.


After several months at the clinic I had recovered but unfortunately it turned out that I also have epilepsy and that I therefor need lifelong medication.

I am now living at the Animal Rescue Center on Koh Lipe where I get tender loving care and my daily medication that prevents me from having seizures. 

Having a chronic disease makes it unlikely for me to get adopted even though I am only approx. 5 years old.

I was lucky that my life was saved because of people like you who donated for my treatment and that I can the Help4Strays Rescue Center home.

But there is something missing and this is someone who sponsors me to help HalfwayHouse 4 Paws covering the monthly costs for my food, medical care and shelter.

Your support means the world for us because it makes it possible that my two legged friends from HalfwayHouse 4 Paws can help more strays like me who have no other place to turn to.

Thanks to people like you who generously supported my surgery and medical treatments I can now live a happy life at the Animal Rescue Center on Koh Lipe.

It is still a dream of mine to one day find a loving forever home.

Until then I am safe here and receiving lots of love and affection from my caretakers.

Will you become my sponsor?

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