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Sponsor Happy


Hi, my name is Happy


I am approx. one year old and I live here at the Rescue Center together with my brother Lucky.

Sometimes the best intentions can cause a lot of harm.

This was exactly the case when tourists took my brother and me from the streets when we were very small puppies.

The people were very nice to us and promised us to take us with them once they would return to their home country.

They gave us food and we slept with them in their bungalow.

My brother and I actually had a loving and caring mom, she certainly was desperately searching for us but couldn't find us. 

We missed her a lot but after a while we got used to live with our new two legged family. 

Then one day we felt that something is changing.

The people who took care of us told us that they had to go back home and they brought us to a bar nearby. 

We were very confused and scared when they left.

There were new people that we didn't know and other dogs and cats.


The people at the bar were also nice to us.

They like dogs and they tried to take care of us as good as possible, but they didn't really have the capacity and possibility to give us the same care as we were used to by the tourists.

We got food and we were allowed to sleep at the bar but beside of that we suddenly were on our own.


Our real mom would have been teaching us all the things that are  needed to survive and how to interact with other dogs, but because we got taken away from her at a very young age we didn't know anything. 

It was hard for us and especially I was starving even though the people at the bar gave us enough food simply because I couldn't prevail against the other dogs. 

I am more shy than my brother and I got attacked by other dogs many times. My body is full of scares. 

My brother Lucky was more outgoing and stronger so he had less problems with the other dogs but he started to cause problems for the people at the bar when he realized that chasing bikes can be a lot of fun. 

The tourists who took us away from our mom failed us with their good intentions and a promise that they couldn't keep. They never returned.

HalfwayHouse 4 Paws was called by the people of the bar when I had a deep cut in my paw that got infected. 

They came and brought me and my brother to their Animal Rescue Center.

I received proper wound care and my brother who turned out to be ehrlichiosis canis positive also received the needed medical care.


I was only skin and bones and it took a long time until I gained weight. 

At the begin my caretakers were feeding me by hand because I was still terrified. They were very patient and gave me the time and love to build trust again.

Our two legged friends from HalfwayHouse 4 Paws understood that the two of us can't survive on the streets this is why we are still living at the center.

We are very happy here but of course we hope to find a loving forever home one day.

In the meantime it would be so nice to have a sponsor. 

A sponsorship is a wonderful way to show your compassion.

It helps to offset the costs for our care and it gives hope.  

We are by far not the only ones in here and there are still so many animals out there in need for help.

Our two legged friends here can only help animals like me and my brother if there are people like you who support their work.

Will you become my hero?

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