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Sponsor Max


Hi, my name is Max

I am approx. 3 years old and my life wasn't on the sunny side.

I was living isolated, hiding in a small space at the

rubbish area on Koh Lipe when one of the volunteers of HalfwayHouse 4 Paws found me in December 2019.

My leg was injured and I was in terrible pain. 

My caretakers believe that the injury was caused by a violent act of someone who doesn't like


I was scared of everything and it took a long time until I started to trust people again. Until this very day I am very careful when it comes to humans.

I am living at the Animal Rescue Center for almost one year.

After my leg had healed my two-legged firends noticed that I wasn't gaining weight and that I still had very poor appetite. They tested tested me for what they call vector born diseases and the results came back positive for heartworm and ehrlichiosis canis.

I had got medical treatments for several months. The e.canis infection had unfortunately already damaged my kidneys and liver.

I am now cured from e. canis and heartworm disease but my kidneys and liver function remain impaired and I need life long medication and a special diet to support my kidneys and liver.

These medications and my special diet are very costly and count up to more than THB 6000.- (approx. EUR 170.-) per month.

I have a partly sponsor who covers 30 percent of the monthly costs for my care. HalfwayHouse 4 Paws still needs help to buy my medicine and diet.


I was failed by people and the team here at the Rescue Center promised me that they won't let me down.

They say that I am a very gentle soul and that I deserves to receive this loving care.

Will you open your heart for me and help to offset the costs for my food, medications and long-term care with a monthly sponsorship?

I don't have anywhere else to turn to and I need someone who wants to be my hero.

Are you this special person?

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