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Sponsor Oscar


Hi, my name is Oscar 


I am approx. one year old.


​I came to the Animal Rescue Center with my brother Ollie. We don't know what happened to our mom, one day she just disappeared and never returned.


Me and my brother Oscar were found when we were only approx. 2,5 months old. ​The streets were not a good place for small little puppies completely on their own.

We were hungry and our bellies were so big and hurting because of worms.​


We were lucky that we found shelter and all the needed care at the Rescue Center. Otherwise we wouldn't have had much chance to survive.

My brother and I received all our vaccinations and are completely healthy.​

We spend our days playing and we love to cuddle with our two legged friends.


Ollie and I never learned how to survive on the streets this is why we are still living at the Rescue Center. We are both hoping for a loving forever home. ​My dream is to find someone who will give me lots of love and who will be my committed life long companion. 

Maybe you are the one?​

If you can't adopt me then please consider a sponsorship for me or my brother.


The team of HalfwayHouse 4 Paws needs people who support their project help4strays. ​

My brother and I would't be alive today without them and without people like you who are helping with donations.​

Our shelter, food and medical care costs money and we are by far not the only ones here and there are so many other strays out on the streets on Koh Lipe who need help as well.  


A monthly sponsorship is a great way to show your compassion and it helps my two legged friends to continue their tireless work for me and all the other strays in need. ​

Will you become my hero?

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