Sponsor Brownie

Hi, my name is Brownie

I am only two years old, but I've been already through a lot.


About one year ago I got very sick because I was suffering from ehrlichiosis canis, a tick born disease.

The HalfwayHouse 4 Paws team took me into the Animal Rescue Center where I received treatment. 

I responded well to the lifesaving medical care but sadly right afterwards I've got swelling on my face and they discovered a growth in my mouth.

The vets who recently visited me are concerned that it might be the start of nose cancer. I need to go to a clinic on the mainland for further diagnostic asap.

My two-legged friends here are very worried about me and they need your help so that they can help me.

I don't have anyone who stepped up to sponsor me, so that the expenses for my food, shelter and medical care could get covered.

Whatever the diagnosis will be, the trip to the mainland and the diagnostics will cost money in addition.

Unfortunately love alone doesn't save lives and my two-legged friends here from HalfwayHouse 4 Paws desperately need kind and generous people like you who step up and help with donations.


Are you that special person who takes action by becoming my sponsor? 

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