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 Damine - Adopted


Hi, my name is Damine

At the age of approx. 11 years I am not a playful puppy anymore but my caretakers at the Help4Strays Rescue Center are saying that I have a heart of gold.

I was living around a hotel on Koh Lipe where I was many years lucky enough to have people who gave me food and shelter.

But then things changed more and more, when one person after the other left the Island who was taking care for me. 

The people of HalfwayHouse 4 Paws came to help me many times in the past few years because I got sick.

In April 2019 they got again an urgent call from the hotel where I used to hang out.

When they rushed over and came to see me, I was excited to see my old friends but I was barely able to respond. I felt so weak that I couldn't get up and I had stopped already to eat and drink.

They brought me to their Animal Rescue Center and did a blood test. It came back positive for ehrlichiosis canis.

It is a tick born disease that can affect several organs including the brain, which was the case with me.

I had severe neurological symptoms like seizures and my hind legs were paralyzed.

My caretakers were very worried about me and unsure if I would survive. 


I wouldn't be alive anymore if there weren't people like you, who have been helping to fund my medical treatments when I was so sick.

Luckily my body responded to the medical treatment and my two-legged friends helped me patiently to regain my ability to walk with daily physiotherapy.

I was living for almost one year at the Animal Rescue Center on Koh Lipe before I found my forever home in Switzerland. 

For me the world has changed completely and I am so happy in my new home.

If I have a wish than that you support HalfwayHouse 4 Paws and their project help4strays because they can only say yes to animals like me if they have enough funds to pay for our medical bills, food and everything else that is involved in our care.

A monthly sponsorship is a great way to show your compassion.

Please help to make a difference and consider a monthly sponsorship for one of my furry friends who has not been so lucky yet to find a home.

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