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Charlie Brown

Hi, my name is Charlie Brown

I am approx. 8 years old and almost 5 years in the care of HalfwayHouse 4 Paws.

Back then when they found me, I was not the healthy and happy boy that I am today.

My body was so weak because of a tick born disease called Ehrlichiosis Canis. I had no energy at all, and I stopped eating and drinking because I felt so sick.


Caring people like you donated for my medical treatment which saved my life. 


The reason why I am living at the Animal Rescue Center on Koh Lipe is because I am too much of a softie to manage life on the streets.

I never fight for my food, so if another doggie wants to have it, I just step back.

This is certainly appreciated when you are a family dog but if you a must live on the streets then having such a kind character makes it hard to get along.


My caretakers here love me a lot and I enjoy the tender loving care they give me.


Hopefully one day I will find someone who gives me a forever home but until then I would be so happy knowing that out there is someone who sponsors me. 


Every sponsorship that helps to offset the ongoing costs for food, medical care and shelter means that my two-legged friends can help more strays in need.

Will you become my hero and sponsor me?