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Simba - Recovering From A Python Bite

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Cat's are often victims of Pythons and so was Simba.

He was very lucky that some local people could free him when he was attacked by a huge Python.

Simba had a severe bite wound on his back and was rushed to our Animal Rescue Center.

It didn't look good for Simba. His wounds were really deep and he was suffering from shock when he arrived. We immediately started the necessary emergency medical care and were luckily able to stabilize his body.

In order for him to feel comfortable and for the wound to heal he received pain medication, antibiotics, daily wound cleaning and wound treatment with a medical wound gel.

Now after one month Simba's wound has completely healed and we will try to find a loving home for him on the Island.

Animals like Simba would have no hope without people like you who support our work.

Please consider a donation towards their care.

We don't receive any governemental funding and therefor rely on donations.

Every single Euro helps to save lives!

Learn more about our work and our Animal Rescue Center on Koh Lipe:

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