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Max - A gentle soul who needs your help

Max was living isolated, hiding in a small space at the rubbish area on Koh Lipe where one of our volunteers found him.

He had an injured leg and was in terrible pain.

We believe that the injury was caused by a violent act of someone who doesn't like


Max was scared of everything and it took a long time until we gained his trust.

He is now living at our Rescue Center for almost one year.

After his leg had healed we noticed that he wasn't gaining weight and that he still had very poor appetite. Therefore we tested him for vector born diseases and the results came back positive for heartworm and ehrlichiosis canis.

We immediately started the necessary medical treatments but the E. Canis infection had unfortunately already damaged his kidneys and liver.

Max is now cured from e. canis and heartworm disease but his kidneys and liver function remain impaired and he needs life long medication and a special diet to support his kidneys and liver.

These medications and his special diet are very costly and count up to more than

THB 6000.- (approx. EUR 170.-) per month.

Max has no sponsor yet and we are struggling to buy his medicine and diet because we don't have the funds.

This poor boy was failed by people and we promised Max that we won't let him down.

Max is a very gentle soul and he deserves to receive this loving care.

Will you open your heart and help us to offset the costs for his food, medications and long-term care with a monthly sponsorship?

Find out more about our work:

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