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Become Part Of Our Garden Of Life

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

The Help4Strays Garden of Life is a wall painting at the entrance of our Animal Rescue Center on Koh Lipe.

Each leaf, butterfly, bird, flower and Tree purchased will be personalized to symbolize your generous donation to help us continue our mission of helping the homeless cats and dogs on Koh Lipe.

We will start the painting at the begin of December 2019.

Why not give your loved ones and friends a holiday or birthday present of joy and hope?

It is also a great way to give in Memory of a Special Person or Pet.

Become a part of our Garden of Life and donate below today:

* You will receive an email with a printable donation card, therefore please mention your email-address below

**Enter the following in the message field when you are doing the payment:

1. Your name

2. The name of the receiver (if it's a gift)

3. The name of of the Honoree (if it's in memory of a person or pet)

4. The Name that you wish us to add on the purchased item on the wall painting

Learn more about our work:

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