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In Loving Memory Of 

Charlie Brown


Charlie Brown was approx. 9 years old and almost 5 years in the care of HalfwayHouse 4 Paws.​

Back then when we found him, he was very weak and infected with ehrlichiosis canis. We provided the needed medical care for Charlie Brown and he survived.


The reason why Charlie Brown was living at our Animal Rescue Center on Koh Lipe was because he was such a softie that he would not been able to manage life on the streets.

I never was never fighting for his food, so if another doggie waned to have it, he just stepped back.

This is certainly appreciated for a family dog but if a dog has to live on the streets then having such a kind character makes it hard to get along.


In addition Charlie Brown  was suffering from chronic kidney disease due to his previous e. canis infection. 

All of our team loved Charlie Brown so much.


We were all hoping that one day he would find someone who gives me a loving forever home but sadly this dream didn't come true. 

Charlie Brown passed away in the arms of his caretaker on February 24th 2020 due to kidney failure. 


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