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Your donation for our project Help4Strays goes straight to work helping hundreds of stray dogs and cats on Koh Lipe / Thailand.
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HalfwayHouse 4 Paws is a Swiss NGO founded in 2012, dedicated to help dogs and cats in need and to be there voice.


The journey begun much earlier in 2008 when our founders Désirée and Phil rescued a few stray dogs during a holiday on Phuket.

In 2015 we started the project help4strays for the homeless dogs and cats on Koh Lipe.

Our mission is to improve the living conditions of all the homeless dogs and cats on Koh Lipe with this project and to prevent them from suffering and death due to overpopulation and diseases. 



Spay & Neuter

Our mobile clinics on Koh Lipe, that are held at regular intervals are making a significant dent in overpopulation

Medical care 

We provide basic medical care for the strays on the Island as well as intensive medical care  for those who are suffering form life threatening health conditions




With our feeding program we provide food for all the strays on Koh Lipe. Feeding is a crucial factor in preventing strays from getting aggressive and to earn their trust which makes it easier to catch them for spay & neuter and treatments.


Long Term Care & Adoptions  


Often animals are in need for long term care for rehabilitation or because they can't cope well with the life on the streets i.e. because of age or disabilities. 
For many years we didn't have a shelter and we were forced to work with pet boarding facilities and fosters to grant long term care. This was very costly.

We are proud and very happy to that our first Animal Rescue Center finally opened it's doors on Koh Lipe in June 2019.

– Our goal is to find loving homes for those strays that are in our long term care and unable to cope well with the life on the streets i.e. because of age or disabilities.  

Your Donation Makes A World Of Difference!

With EUR 35.- we can spay/neuter a stray!

Please help us to fight the overpopulation, of the strays on Koh Lipe!

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